About Us

  • 2014-06-04 09:24:16

MBA Education Management Center was founded in 2003, and is responsible for management of the MBA program. Vice Dean of the School of Management, UCAS, Professor Dong Jichang is the Director of the Center and Professor Gong Qiguo is he Executive Director. The Center had seven offices: Admissions Office, Teaching Office, Career Development Office, Student Management Office, International Cooperation Office, Public Relations Office, and Alimni Office.

Formal recruitment for the General MBA (Full-time and Part-time) began in 2004. These two types of MBA programs were dedicated to training students to be elite managers with innovative thinking, scientific decision abilities, and complex problem solving abilities with integrated management methods.

The Financial MBA(Part-time) Program was launched in 2010. As an innovative MBA Program, it follows capital markets in China, devoting itself to cultivating diversely talented individuals with international vision, professional financial management understanding, and comprehensive management ability.

The Entrepreneurship MBA (Part-time) Program was launched in 2013. The program integrates the strong faculty, the numerous hith-tech achievements and the great industrialization space of CAS, thereby building a first-class training base for innovative and enrepreneurial talent, with broad international perspectives, a poineering and enterprising innovation spirit, rich professional knowledge, comprehensive business management quality and excellent leadership.

The Objectives and Strategies of the MBA Program are as folloes:


Draw support from sperior research and teaching resources as well as extensive social resources to establish a top-quality MBA instructional system that focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship management and financial management. Become a domestic first-class and internationally renowned MBA program, training and graduating outstanding innovators, entrepreneurs, financial experts and business leaders in 5 to 10 years.


Based on UCAS' educational philosophy and the Schoo's overall development strategy, the MBA program is focused in the following strategic directions:

a. Create a world class faculty.

b. Develop an effective "learnning-by-doing" instructional approach.

c. Create a lifelong learning and career development platform.

d. Build a characteristic MBA education brand.