Mid-term Seminar on Management Decision Innovation Research under Big Data Environment Was Held

  • 2015-12-24 08:27:21

To further discuss the problems of acquiring, storing, processing and computing of big data under the environment of cloud computing, and to push the development of big data theory research and its application in the management decision, the Mid-term seminar on management decision innovation research under big data environment was held at Center on Fictitious Economy and Data Science CAS on August 2. Prof. Shi Yong and his research team members, Prof. Zhu Yangyong and his research team members, and Prof. Huang Wei from Xi`an Jiaotong University attended the seminar.


The seminar contains three sections. In the first section, Prof. Shi Yong reviewed the research ideas and research purposes. In the second section, each research team stated their research development and problems met in the research. Finally, in the third section, the research problems were gathered together and the research plan and research direction for the next period were made clear.


The seminar summarized the main problems and challenges facing the big data research. It proposed to use management science, especially the optimization theory and method to research on the complexity of the big data. The seminar drove the innovation research of intelligent management decision through big data analyses.