Associate Dean Zhao Hong Attended ACE Dean’s Meeting 2015

  • 2015-12-24 08:22:14

ACE Dean’s Meeting 2015 was held at the University of Ljubljana from July 16 to 18. Deans of ACE members attended the meeting. Professor Zhao Hong was present at the meeting on behalf of the School of Economics and Management, UCAS.


Before the meeting started, all the participants stand in silent tribute to Professor Cheng Siwei, the former Dean of School of Economics and Management, who passed away on July 12. Cheng Siwei was the founder of ACE. Professor Zhao Hong was arranged to introduce the academic achievements and contributions of Cheng Siwei, and the participants also wrote their mourning to Cheng Siwei and their blessing to the future of ACE on a special scroll of remembrance.

The meeting mainly discussed the future development centering on ACE’s core value. Relevant documents were also drafted. Finally, it was decided at the dean’s meeting that ACE would be devoted to conducting high-level research and teaching, building mutual trust and respect, sticking to social responsibility and sustainable development, and contributing to the development of education of management in both China and Europe. In the future, ACE members would provide more cross culture learning opportunities for students and more communication platforms for teachers, therefore, to promote the cooperation research among ACE members.


After the meeting, the representatives from the business schools looked around the campus of the University of Ljubljana. The meeting was closed successfully.